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What we do, who we are, why we do it    By Dr David Horton, President of Knights of St George Heart Association

The Cardiothoracic Surgery Unit at St George Hospital has a community based “Guardian Angel” support group which is called the Knights of St George Heart Association. The Association was established in 1985, at the same time as the Cardiothoracic Unit itself and its purpose is to ensure the security of the Cardiothoracic Unit and to raise money to purchase equipment for the Unit.

To date, the Knights of St George, a registered charity, has raised over $1.6M for the Cardiothoracic Unit. We raise money through membership fees, dinners, stalls, raffles and donations. This money is used exclusively for the benefit of the Cardiothoracic Unit. When the Doctors and Nurses require funds for new equipment or to replace some superseded item they make a request to our Committee (which is advised by Senior Staff from the Cardiothoracic Unit). If agreed the funds are then allocated. I can assure you, having been Head of the Cardiothoracic Unit at St George Hospital since it was established in 1985 until my retirement, that funds provided by the Knights have purchased vital equipment.

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Knights of St George Education Fund

The Knights of St George is a community based charity which raises money for Cardo Thoracic surgery at St George Public Hospital. The committee meets bi monthly.

The aim of the Knights of St George Education Fund is to offer financial support for nursing and allied health staff employed within the Cardio Thoracic Unit and Operating Theatres at St George Public Hospital. The annual total amount available is $2500.

  • Conferences
  • Study Days
  • Courses
  • Journals / Text books to enhance the cardio thoracic library

Initial applications are to be made in writing to the relevant Nurse Unit Manager. The necessary details should include date, name of course, duration, place and cost.

The NUM will then determine whether a recommendation for approval is to be made to the Knights Committee. This will be based on the relevance of the course / journal, their ability to disperse their new knowledge and their previous and continued commitment to the unit.

If the NUM supports the application then it will be tabled at the next committee meeting for final approval and determination of the amount of funding.

Partial funding may also be deemed appropriate by the committee, to ensure equal opportunities throughout the year.

Funding will take the form of the reimbursement of fees paid upon the presentation of official receipts.

If a decision is needed prior to the payment of the fees as to amount of funding that will be available to ensure affordability, then this may also be requested. However no money will be paid without presentation of official receipts.

The committee’s decision is final.

Our Committee

Dr David Horton

Vice President
Mr Alan Jacobs

Mrs Jacqui Jacobs

Assistant Secretary
Mrs Anita Horton

Correspondence Secretary
Mrs Susan Cohen

Mr Nick Marshall

Assistant Treasurer
Mrs Dorothy Marshall


Mavis & Dick Mathews
Trish Horton
Gwen Swadling
Carla Perry
Colleen & Denis Keys
Linda Yiu
Susan Leahy
Cheryl Simmonds
Graham Murphy
Olwyn Elliot


Dr Gary Fermanis
Dr Matthew Horton
Dr Sheen Peeceeyen